Tooth decay; acidic foods and drinks are preferred in daily life, fluoride-free water consumed and toothpaste use, vitamins and minerals, as well as reasons such as excessive oral and dental health develops in case of insufficient care.

Bacteria that live in the mouth are fed with the remnants of carbohydrate in the processed sugar, which is consumed in excess of "modern food ”, and they produce acid. The acids produced over time dissolve the tooth enamel and cause damage and cause tooth decay.

Reducing the sugar which has innumerable damage to the body also helps protect your       oral and dental health.

Consuming foods with high nutritional value allows you to eat rich in vitamins and minerals.

The use of toothpaste preference for brands containing fluoride plays a role in alleviating the  deficiency of fluoride which we cannot get with water.

Brushing the teeth twice a day and flossing between the gums prevents acid formation and the development of caries.

Choosing fresh fruits containing natural sugar instead of processed sugar and foods in snacks reduces the frequency of teeth exposure to extra carbohydrates and acids.

Even if there is no complaint, the examination to the dentist at 6-month intervals prevents the diseases that may develop and does not show any symptoms with pain and pain; but it prevents the progression of diseases that have already begun.

It should be remembered that even one caries can cause serious illness!